Sunday, April 22, 2007

Thai Cooking Made EaSy: Fried Shrimp Cake

Hi~ Welcome to my official first posting in the series ha ha :P

Today, I'll introduce how to make Thai Fried Shrimp Cakes! It's called "Tord Mun Koong" (ทอดมันกุ้ง) in Thai. This dish is both children and adult favorites. Basically, you can eat it any time; for brunch, with afternoon tea/drinks, or dinner.

~~ Ingredients ~~

1) Shrimp :: 1/2 lb
2) Pork fat or ground pork (I think ground chicken is OK too) :: 1/4 lb or less
3) Salt :: 1 teaspoon
4) Bread crumb
5) Oil for deep fried

Alright, let's start!

First, you need to cut shrimp into small pieces.
Then put shrimp and pork into a chopper.
Take stuff out into a bowl and add salt. Mix them well.

Get a spoonful of mixed ground shrimp and pork, make it into round and thin shape as in the above picture (upper right picture).

The trick here is to make it thin; otherwise, it would be hard to be done when you fry it.

For fun:
You can make the shrimp cake into other then shapes too!!
Look at my finished dish; I make a heart out of it :)
You can ask your children to help making shapes too! It'll be fun for them :)

After making shrimp and pork into shapes, cover it with bread crumb.
Lightly press the cake into bread crumb.
Make sure crumb wouldn't come off easily when being fried.

Cover all cakes with bread crumb and deep fry them.
I usually put about 1 inch or a little bit higher of oil.
Use medium heat, but wait until the oil is really hot before you fry them.

Fry cakes until they are light yellow/gold. And... you are done!!

I usually serve them with Thai sweet chili sauce (the red one). The yellow one is plum sauce. It's sweet and a little bit sour. You can find them in an Asian grocery store. From my experience, the sweet chili sauce is more available.

Alright, that's all for today :) Please leave a comment if you try it already :)

Enjoy cooking! :D

Note: pictures are from my another blog at
You can check it out! :) The content is all in Thai though.

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Hi All,

This is a blog about Thai Classical Music, Origami, and Paper Models. These are my hobbies.

I can play a couple of Thai musical instruments including Ja-ke (จะเข้), Thai fiddle Saw-duang (ซอด้วง), Ching (ฉิ่ง) and Grub (กรับ).

Here are topics that I would like to include in this blog:
  • Origami Illustrations

I'll make some interesting ones, and have photos posted here.

  • Paper Models

I'll have some models posted here, with some tips on the ones I've made. I got these models free online. You can have them for free too! :)

  • Thai Musical Notes

For my reference and to distribute these notes to other as I don't see many musical notes online. If I am too lazy to type, I'll scan them from my note book.

  • Thai Classical Music Audio and VDO Clips

These will be from practice sessions and live performances with my friends. If I have permissions from others, I'll also include other's performances.

  • Thai Classical Musical Instruments

Hopefully, I'll post some pictures and try to explain them to you :)